Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shovel Some Snow, Man

Winter Exercise
These exercises are designed to keep people active in ways that will coincide with ordinary holiday events. While you may not believe that putting up holiday lights is an exercise, its a good way to stay active as a family during the winter season. And millions already know that the best place to go for a long walk in a comfortable, controlled climate is at the mall. So enjoy the holidays, but remember there are easy ways to stay fit and active during a season usually associated with overeating and sitting on the couch.

Shovel Some Snow, man 

Exercise Type: cardio-outdoor                                       
Duration:60 minutes
Distance:NA miles
Fitness Level: Easy
Posted By:Greg Stallkamp

Exercise Description

Let me start off with a strict warning that shoveling snow can be a very strenuous activity and is not for those that are out of shape or who have not have not followed a regular exercise routine! Shoveling snow is hard work. It is a great cardiovascular exercise and a tough workout on the arms and back. So put down that snowblower and do it the old fashioned way.
Muscle Groups: Back, upper body, and legs

Step Number 1
Grab a shovel, but make sure its a study shovel. In the past I have tried to use those plastic shovels, and they literally can't pull their weight. I recommend a sturdy metal shovel.

Step Number 2
Shovel some snow. Make sure that you are using your legs as well as your arms and back. Don't overly rely on your back muscles and bending over when lifting the snow. This is a very easy way to hurt yourself. Instead lift with your legs and back and arms in a coordinated manner.

Step Number 3
Make sure that you are shoveling moderate amounts in the actual shovel. Don't try to overdue it, the snow isn't going anywhere.

Step Number 4
If you want to perform a less taxing movement, you can push the snow with the shovel like you would with a broom.

Step Number 5
If you've shoveled your own property and want more exercise, move on to your neighbors. Its a great way to build some goodwill for the summer when your dog leaves a special "treat" in their yard.

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